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Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing

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Evelyn Lauder Community Care
Nurse Practitioner Program

Lauder Community Care Nurse Practitioner Program

Letter from Leonard A. Lauder

New York City has meant the world to my family—my children, my parents and grandparents made their lives here—and to me, and Hunter is part of our New York City story. My wife, Evelyn, was a proud Hunter alumna and supported the College throughout her life. I honor her with this gift, to support the education of nurse practitioners who will be leaders in advancing the well-being of New Yorkers and others beyond our city.

I was so impressed with the nursing care Evelyn received during her life and I believe highly skilled nurse practitioners are key to improving access to good health for all Americans. Nurse practitioners are leaders on the front lines of primary care, especially now, as Americans face health care shortages in their communities. The advanced clinical training and graduate education they receive at world-class institutions like Hunter give nurse practitioners the knowledge and skill to supervise and manage critical aspects of care for people of all ages.

When you become a Lauder Fellow, your commitment to community well-being is supported by the highest standards of professional preparation, both in the classroom and on the ground in New York City Health & Hospitals and other facilities where New Yorkers receive care. I know that every Lauder Fellow will help our neighbors, friends and family stay healthy, and be a driving force for health equity in our society. I am deeply proud to work with Hunter on this program, and see its benefits touch the lives of New Yorkers and beyond.

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